Our opinion is that learning about Ashwagandha is essential – especially for new users.

Is there a difference between the various Ashwagandha supplementation techniques? What dosage is suggested per day? Do all Ashwagandha products have the same benefits?

The number of low-quality products on the market has increased due to this industry’s youth and ongoing development in this supplement space. How can you tell if your Ashwagandha tincture is reliable and of high quality, or if the marketing is dishonest?

Reading customer testimonials is one of the easiest ways to figure out if a business is legitimate. Investigate if a brand provides lab test results and if they encourage product reviews before making an investment in health and wellness products. 


E-commerce customers have a strong presence online. Here they are able to voice opinions, and their ratings promote transparency, allowing the truth to stand out. It doesn’t matter how much a company advertises its own goods—bias still exists. Even worse, they might be offering mediocre supplements.

The Ashwagandha market is currently unregulated in terms of product testing requirements. When there are little restrictions but there is a lot of interest in a natural supplement’s advantages, it gives con artists access to the market. Products may make the claim to contain premium, organic Ashwagandha, but they don’t!

Avoid using companies who don’t offer reviews. This is not justified in any way. Products with reviews are 270% more likely to be purchased than those without, according to research. Reviews aid in determining a company’s legitimacy and dependability.

If a business doesn’t offer a way for a product review, there might be a subtle deception involved.

It’s crucial for customers to do their own research before buying any dietary supplement products. The best way to do research is to read customer testimonials. Customers post reviews to help one another and the brand in question.

People want unbiased first-hand experiences when making a purchase. Customers can use this to read through a variety of product reviews and select the Ashwagandha item that best suits their requirements.


Customer reviews contain a wealth of information that isn’t available elsewhere, including which products are effective for which ailments and, most importantly, whether they are priced fairly.

To determine whether Ashwagandha is cost-effective, look at the customer testimonials. Positive reviews are more likely to be left by happy, repeat customers because they feel their money was well spent on a reliable product. This will help you determine whether the product is genuine or not.

Although everyone will respond to dietary supplements differently, if you can determine that a lot of customers are experiencing the desired results, you can be sure that the product is effective.

For instance, you can read reviews from other people who are taking Ashwagandha for the same reason as you wish to!

In the future, Ashwagandha products are likely to be regulated, but for the time being, rely on other customers to help you feel less intimidated and more assured that you’re purchasing high-quality tinctures. Instead of placing your trust in the businesses, do so in your fellow customers!


At Dr. Ashwa Me, we read every review and respond to your questions. We’re here to help you choose the right product and dosage for what you need. Our reviews are accessible to everyone and available for viewing at any time. 

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